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Logan Lake Literacy

Task Group

The mandate of the Logan Lake Literacy Task Group is to act as an advisory body to the Literacy Outreach Coordinator and provide input into the decisions and implementation of the Logan Lake Literacy Plan.


Thank you to our dedicated volunteers!

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Vision - To create a community that values literacy by encouraging and supporting lifelong learning for all ages.



BC's Literacy Resource - Decoda Literacy Solutions 

Literacy Corner ~ June is:                          National Indigenous History Month

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Did You Know?

1. Build awareness of the importance and value of increased literacy skills

2. Children and Youth Programs and Services

3. Adults and seniors Programs and Services

4. Increase the Health and Physical Literacy of the community and its citizens

  • Research shows parent-child interaction increases children's literacy and language development   

  • When parents are more involved, children tend to do better academically and socially

  • Family literacy occurs naturally during the routines of daily living and helps children and adults get things done

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Serena Hazel

Literacy Outreach Coordinator

(250) 318-3561

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