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Helping Hands

The Logan Lake Wellness, Health & Youth Society

The Healthy Path

The Logan Lake Wellness Health & Youth Society promotes health of mind and body by encouraging a balanced lifestyle and personal growth while providing services to people of all ages within our community.

The Society

The Wellness Health & Youth Society was incorporated in July 2000, and is a non-profit organization.  The WHY offers recreational and social service programs to the rural community of Logan Lake (population approximately 2,300), creating a social hub and many volunteer opportunities.  Logan Lake is nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s Highland Valley, 320 kilometers from Vancouver, 49 kilometers from Merritt, and 55 kilometers from Kamloops.


Executive Director: Rosealyn McGuire


Facility Manager:  Julie Thibert   

Accounting: Trevor Stephens


Better At Home Coordinator:  Amanda Pindar       


Little Learners Pre-school Manager:  Belinda Bridges

Logan Lake Literacy Coordinator: Serena Hazel


Chairperson: Dona Radomsky   

Secretary/Treasurer: Sandra Richer  

 Tierra French

 Sandy Soul


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