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Body Composition Analysis

The WHY has the InBody 230 machine!

We received a grant from the Logan Lake Community Forest Corporation in the spring of 2015 to purchase this fantastic piece of equipment.  The InBody 230 works with ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’.  By applying a small alternating current through your hands and feet, the InBody is able to analyze your body composition – overall weight, dry lean mass (muscle & bone), body water, and fat.  These readings are not only as accurate as possible, they are crucial in helping an individual learn more about their body.  While society and the media drive us (mainly women) to struggle to attain an unrealistic body size, the InBody can be used to help you plan lifestyle changes that bring you to a healthy size for YOU, a healthy percentage of body fat for YOU, a healthy lean mass for YOU.  It can also be used as a fantastic tool for 3rd age folks to keep an eye on bone and muscle loss.

Call reception at the WHY to set up a date and time – (250) 523-6229.

Costs for readings:

​1. Annual Fitness Pass Holder:  2 readings per pass year free + additional readings $20.00

2.. Non-annual fitness pass holders: $25.00 per reading

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