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Outreach Programs


The Outreach Program has volunteer counselors available to all members of the community.

Anyone experiencing difficulties in the areas of stress, life-style changes, grief, depression, abuse, or loneliness can benefit from this program.

Volunteers are needed for:  in-home visits, hospice, and driving services for medical appointments in Logan Lake or nearby communities of Kamloops or Merritt.


If you would like to be an Outreach volunteer, please contact Elaine Pennoyer at 250.523.6229.




DATE: To Be Announced
Please Pre-Register with the WHY.  

Minimum Group Size:  6 participants
Maximum Group Size: 14 participants

Grief can result from any type of significant loss, whether it is a person, pet, relationship, job, health, or something else that is important to you.  Grief is a natural reaction to such losses and emotions such as shock, guilt, sadness, and anger are normal.  The grieving process is a necessary occurrence, as it allows a person to express emotions and thoughts about the loss and to accept the changes that have occurred.

There will be no charge for this 10-week support group which is run by trained volunteers, but pre-registration is required.

The volunteers for this program have training for an Adult Grief Support Group.


Hospice Care

Care is available to patients and their families in their homes, in hospital, or in other health care facilities.

Hospice Workers

Trained volunteers can play an essential role in the support of terminally ill people and their families. They are genuinely interested in helping, listening, and offering advice.

Hospice Training dates TBD.

$25 (Cost of Manual) 

Please call the WHY office for more information and registration.

Grief Counselling

Bereavement is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. We can help you to acknowledge the uniqueness and the pain of your loss, and help you to move through this time of loss with attention to you intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, or through hospital treatments. Family members, or those needing grief support or information, may call the WHY office.

In-Home Visits

Arrangements can be made for people to telephone or visit you in your home.  Please know that there is no need to be lonely as there are people out there who are willing to help.

Transportation for Medical Appointments

Transportation is provided by volunteers for any individuals in the Logan Lake community who require transportation for medical appointments or hospital treatments.  There are certain days that Handi Dart travels to Kamloops and/or Merritt; all efforts should be made to use this service first.  Call 1.888.376.7525 for Handi Dart service.

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